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To be even more efficient and help performance, Mwituni now has extremely efficient and intelligent imposter support built in.

Imposters are 2D ‘billboards’ (or flat images) that are used to make the system more efficient.

At a predefined distance, normal 3D foliage models (eg trees) are swapped out for these 2D imposters – which are many times more efficient.

While imposters are not totally new to 3D and can be found in a few upmarket 3D products, our imposters are more advanced than most others. As well as being dynamic, they are not just a simple 2D image of the tree model as most are. When they are setup they take snapshots of the model (tree etc) from different angles, so that when they dynamically replace the 3D model they blend between the best 2 images from the correct angle. This ensures the imposter shape suits the tree from the correct angle as it blends in. As is suggested they do not just ‘pop’ in place, they gradually blend in while the 3D model gradually blends out – so the transition is smooth. Furthermore, new to impostering: they also store 3D depth information on the tree model so that they generate accurate shadows – even although they are simply (flat 2D) imposters.

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