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It’s a special day … and we’re celebrating … for many reasons 🙂

We’ve been waiting for this day. For years. Literally!
Today, Monday 5th Oct 2015, we rolled out our first pre-alpha release to selected testers … so Mwituni’s release cycle begins.

We aim to release more-or-less monthly, and will review later. And because frequent releases can be a nuisance, we have worked hard to make it smooth and easy … part of our package includes a built-in updater and patching system – so users will get any updates when they connect, and only updates (not entire game and all levels each time). Also, they are compressed, which has sped up downloads by roughly 40%.

The main focus for the initial pre-alpha, other than typical bug-hunting, is to start getting some input into game mechanics, as well as some of our unique features which we are introducing into the initial levels of this game … which we will keep to ourselves till we announce nearer to the correct time.

To the testers …
Have fun


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