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We have Arisen!

Despite a few years of struggling to develop our game platform, we have made headway, and after a major design overhaul and change to a new graphics engine just over a year ago (for the second time in 4 years!), we are now on path to begin preparing to release our pre Alpha product.

Regarding the game engines. As many of you will have been our original and faithful followers over the years, you will remember we started with high hopes of recreating the gaming world some 8 years or so ago. At the time it was a small group of passionate developers with a little time on our hands and a shoestring budget. We did a lot, and built a lot, and moved mountains, but we could never seem to get what we were trying to achieve out as a product. This was partly because of the graphics engine we had purchased/ licensed. Back then nothing was free and engines cost the earth, so we had to license something we could afford. While it was a fantastic engine and allowed us to customise and extend it as much as we needed, it was a herculean task and after much pain and years of development we realised just why large game companies with limitless budgets were licensing expensive graphics engines costing millions of dollars, even though they had teams of hundreds! With extreme sadness we had to do a u-turn, and that broke our back, causing us to go idle for at least 6 months.

But our passion was still there, and after regrouping we had no choice but to move our development to one of the major graphics engines as there was a way around the extreme licensing cost for indie developers . We were thrilled we were able to do this and once again threw everything behind it in an effort to get back on track.

Unfortunately, apart from migrating a large part of our content over, and developing some new systems, there were still limitations which we battled to overcome as we did not have the huge budget needed to purchase the add-on systems such as robust networking system. So we set about creating some of our own solutions once more, some of which we still use. We also built a lot of beautiful artistic content and essentially we were going on really well if this was a normal game we were producing. Except it was not. We came to realise that our primary goal in everything was to create a growing and vast world for players to explore and enjoy, rather than small condensed crampy maps. And that suggested we would struggle continuously to produce the content we needed, especially as artists are so expensive.

And so it came to pass we again changed graphics engines, requiring major rework in order to move a lot of content over as well. So for the last 15 or so months that’s been the order of the day . The advantage we now have is easier development, the ability to purchase masses of pre-built content to use as a starting point to quickly expand our worlds, plus because of licensing competition over the years the products we’re now using are extremely affordable, so our budget goes multitudes further. Of course we’re not just blindly purchasing pre-built assets and dropping them in terrains as some other game projects seem to be doing, we are still at heart very artistic people so the quality of content and especially the way it all gels together harmoniously is of extreme importance to us. In fact we tend to spend a lot of effort improving and tweaking even the best assets which we purchase, to suit our environment.

And so we are for the first time really happy and see a clear path to a successful gaming environment. therefore we have now started up our media channels and look forward to bringing future players news about our game environment’s progress. As previous followers are well aware, we specifically did not post much news about our previous progress, and that has turned out to be a good thing so as not to have misled any fans … as that is extremely frustrating for fans.

We are starting news posts, and will publish monthly e-mail updates, so we suggest that interested parties subscribe to our monthly e-mail newsletter using the link below . of course you can un-subscribe at any time too.

Oh, and happy birthday LL !

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  1. Impi Impi says:

    Ha … Good choice. Picture is perfect! We was in a deep dark place, and did a slow steady climb out …on a dinky ladder. But through persistence we got there.