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The image above is one of our old levels …. Can you believe its been 8 years already!
To the thousands of players who explored and played on our “Visiwa, Kijiji, Mwituni” islands 8 years ago, great news … It’s all coming back!


And not just that, we are going back in time. You’ve played it in a modern world, now you will experience it in its dawn … and raw beauty, when it all began. Ancient, ruggedly beautiful, mysterious, and full of danger. With an opportunity to become a settler, build an interesting life and social presence, serve and be served. Will you farm, hunt, be industrious, become an artisan or tradesperson, or take work on in the bustling Port Of Kijiji? Or explore, go west, east, north or south and see what fate holds for you … live off the land or find your way taking on small jobs. It’s your choice, the future is in your hands. Do you dare return?


Which landmarks will be there? And how will they look? Imagine it as you played it, then remove all the modern changes. Then go back many many years … compare that image in your mind to what you will experience. 


In fact, we will be running a competition on it when we release …. so start sketching! No rush, we are still a way off. If you don’t remember much detail or need pics to inspire you, there are images online at places like Flickr.com … just search for visiwa. We’ll be accepting entries in the form of sketches etc before we release the public beta, and after launch we’ll select the winners as those we consider the closest to what we release. There will be 3 winners – a main prize, runner up and third. Each will receive some in-game prizes to help them build their profile and social standing. More details to follow as we get closer.


Ever wanted to start over and apply what you have learned on life? Tired of getting no return on all your investment on existing social channels? Tired of RPGs where you never get anywhere, or have to do things you don’t like. Here’s your opportunity to build a great online profile and use your social skills to rise to the top, then see if you can stay there. Or not. Enjoy it the way you like it.

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  1. sangoma sangoma says:

    That sounds sooooo goooood.
    To have this nice memories about visiwa islands with Kijiji the village and Mwituni the land with forest and all this nice beaches and the port, make me happy. To start in an ancient time with the memories of a more modern time sounds like “forward to the past”. Thats a nice thought i really like and i think special to all these people wo remember the interesting and varied life there will think the same. I wonder what to expect with “full of danger”…. can’t wait to visit all this places.
    go for it 🙂