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Visiwa Beach

We’re still beavering away at it! We had some setbacks due to network network latency with a large number of players connecting, but have been working on some solutions for that. While that’s been going on, the general game has been progressing, and we post some eye-candy.   This is Visiwa beach, showing some finer  [ Read More ]

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Can you believe its been 8 years already!
To the thousands of players who explored and played on our “Visiwa, Kijiji, Mwituni” islands 8 years ago, great news … It’s all coming back!

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Visiwa Beach at Mwituni

It’s a special day … and we’re celebrating … for many reasons 🙂 We’ve been waiting for this day. For years. Literally! Today, Monday 5th Oct 2015, we rolled out our first pre-alpha release to selected testers … so Mwituni’s release cycle begins.

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TOL Cave Chaism

We have Arisen! Despite a few years of struggling to develop our game platform, we have made headway, and after a major design overhaul and change to a new graphics engine just over a year ago (for the second time in 4 years!), we are now on path to begin preparing to release our pre  [ Read More ]

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To be even more efficient and help performance, Mwituni now has extremely efficient and intelligent imposter support built in. Imposters are 2D ‘billboards’ (or flat images) that are used to make the system more efficient. At a predefined distance, normal 3D foliage models (eg trees) are swapped out for these 2D imposters – which are  [ Read More ]

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