Pickup some clay, and help forge our new world. Or pickup your backpack**, and conquer it.

** finally, realistic strategy ... like no more tiny backpacks that magically carry tons of assets. So pack thoughtfully to travel lighter. And if you take your mount with you to haul more, ride and take care of it. Or tie it up and risk it gone, or worse - hunted. Or pay a makeshift livery and hope you can trust their scred ! Reputation means something. If you overload your mount, expect to travel slower lest they stumble. Which might be noticed. To what end?

Yes, finally a world where even your micro-decisions have responsibilities, consequences, and can become strategy. Or not.

Make it, live it, own it.

Define Yourself

Build yourself, like you want to be.
Define yourself, like you need to be.
Enjoy yourself, like you deserve to.

Survive and Belong

Learn to forage and survive. Explore and enjoy. Create communities : Serve; lead; and love. Build your rep, make your mark, stand by it. Get respected.

Grow and Thrive

Learn skills. To work, earn, trade, employ, and lead. Build and enhance the world. Or not. Everyone has the ability to grow huge, or not.

Build and Define

For creatives, the world of opportunities lies before you. Build and define it. Grow from basic construction skills to master artisans, or in other disciplines.

Create an Empire

Use skills, rep, economy, and politics to build communities and followers. Harness them to help build an empire. If you like.

We are often asked why there is very limited content on our website. It’s because we are focussing as much as possible on developing the game, and admin really slows us down. We’ve tried previously, but as soon as we post some details, we get bombarded with questions, and they really slow us down. So apologies, as info is light for a reason.

However, we have tried to post some basic info of what we are aiming for, and will update some of that as we go forward.

Below are a few older screenies…

And an older video clip of the same beach in-game …

Some awesome features

The goal is a highly realistic environment with features to bring gameplay to life, and therefore stimulate the players desire to progress. Watch your character develop their own personality from your choices, and steer them to achieve your desires. Everyone has the same chance to achieve their goals, and there are consequences to bad decisions. This isn't just an unrealistic shoot-em-all-down. Everything is strategic, and your players survival has value.
Advanced Character Builder

Advanced Character Builder

Build yourself ... as you like

Use our highly detailed Character Builder anytime to tweak your appearance. Play the character you want to play, not one you are forced to play.

Emotional Personality Model

Dynamic Personality System

Strut your scred

We use advanced behavioral analytics on your actions and choices, also scaled by your selected disciplines, to build your personality and emotional state models. Resulting in total uniqueness of players.

Visiwa Beach

Highly Detailed Environments

Beautiful Interactive Worlds

Our worlds are built by specialist artists, with highly detailed features. Explore them, harvest them, develop them, enjoy them. Populated by realistic animals to harvest, or befriend. Choose wisely.

Where we at

Our Base

Camberley, Surrey, United Kingdom

Contacting us

As we are hard at developing this, we prefer not to get bogged down by admin
If its really necessary, we sometimes check the timesink@mwituni.com mailbox.